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criminal defense

Bad news: you've landed
in a tough spot after
being accused of a crime with the possibility of doing time
Good news: you can
Call George for help
on DUI
Domestic Violence
Sex Offenses
and other charges
Criminal Appeals


Accidents and injuries can happen
No matter how careful you are
Get the kind of help you deserve
If you’re suffering serious injuries
as the result of another’s negligence
following surgery,
an auto accident,
or a slip-and-fall accident
Call George


Overwhelmed with debt?
Losing your home?
Lost your driver’s license because of child support or court fines?
Business in danger of
closing its doors?
Wages being garnished?
No end in sight?
Call now for expert legal help!

Legal texts reviewed by an attorney

George offers his clients
expert legal advice

Criminal charges and severe financial problems require an aggressive approach to handling all aspects of your case while protecting your rights.

For over 20 years, attorney George A. Steele has provided the answers his clients so desperately need when a legal problem has disrupted their lives.


Judge's seat at courtroom bench

George is a successful, competent litigator

Experienced with all levels of the State Courts System and the U.S. Federal Court of Appeals. He will fight tirelessly to achieve the best outcome for your case.

During this stressful time, you need the sound wisdom, honestly, and devotion of a great attorney with solid courtroom experience. George fits that bill, and is ready to work for you, to ensure your peace of mind...


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